You Are Not Alone in the Crisis of
Finding Long-Term Care

Our services include crisis planning for skilled nursing home care, as well as asset-recovery and pre-planning for those for whom long-term care is inevitably on the horizon. We have the resources to help you navigate the many financial and legal decisions you are facing. Most California residents do not understand how to access the benefits needed to pay for care in a skilled nursing home or at home care. With the help of our compassionate team and comprehensive approach, we help develop customized strategies that address our clients’ individual needs and family care goals.


Medi-cal Benefits was instrumental in assisting me in helping my mother apply for and receive benefits. She was too ill to do the work herself and I needed assistance in navigating through her finances to help with the application process. Medi-cal Benefits with its attentive and excellent staff members helped me each step along the way during this arduous process. I really appreciate their help.

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“We Need Skilled Nursing Home Care Now!”

We are ready to help:

  • Protect your assets including your primary residence, retirement plan, stocks & bonds, life insurance, prepaid burial plots, cash reserve and other real property.
  • Tackle the countless details of the complicated paperwork
  • We help you save on senior care: skilled nursing home, or at-home care

“We’ve applied for Medi-Cal and were denied benefits!”

We are able to help:

  • We have experience working with families applying for Medi-Cal specific for long-term care service
  • Your case will now need to appeal at the state level before an administrative judge. We will step in to represent you and coordinate with an appeal worker to potentially avoid a court appearance.

“Skilled nursing home care is not an immediate need, but on the horizon…”

We are ready to help:

  • Handle all the pre-planning necessary to ensure you remain eligible for benefits
  • Develop an estate plan to protect your family and your assets
  • Work with your accountant, attorney or recommend local experts